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As the church, the body of Christ, in the multicultural society of Canada, we are called to nurture respectful spaces for dialogue and equitable relationships among diverse cultural groups. The messages through the reading of signs of times and from the whole of the United Church to Dentonia Park United Church (DPUC) are “intercultural ministry” and “Youth and Young Adults (YAYA) focused ministry” which are geared towards education and training young people to become future Christian leaders in society within the fast changing global community.This program primarily focuses on young people who came to Canada to study with dreams of leadership in the future coming the world. This leadership necessitates these people to gain intercultural experience which comes through having diverse perspectives and ways of life. To sustain this leadership, this program emphasises building trusting relationship of the future network that ties up Christian leadership that is spread in the world. This network strengthens us to live out our faith and to work for justice and peace as the Body of Christ.  


We as DPUC believe that the church's mission is in continuity with the mission of Jesus of Nazareth, which can be summed up by the words of Luke 4:18-19, “…to proclaim the good news for the poor...” We believe that the mission of Christ creates its own church through which we are called to proclaim the good news of God as we participate in the ministries of healing the sick, liberating the captives and preaching the gospel to the poor both individual and society. We believe that to live out God’s call we are called to reach out to the ends of the world with God’s love.



1.    Faith Statement 

a)   We trust in God the Creator and celebrate God's good creation.

b)   We live in God's world and we are part of the creation and.

c)   We are made in God's image and yet all differently and with unique gifts.

d)   We seek to respect one another and to live in harmony as we love our neighbours and care for creation.

e)   We are called to join in God's ongoing creation and to live out God’s will for creation as peacemakers of the world.

f)    We are together with ongoing trusting relationship with each other, through the Spirit of God who is with us always.


2.    Mission Statement

a)   As followers of Jesus Christ, we serve the world with the Spirit of Christ.

b)   We share our own cultural identities while learning about Canadian cultures and traditions.  

c)   We strive to build a community of trust that is full of mutual respect with compassion that leads us to love of Christ.

d)  We aim to build a network of support and encouragement and sustain it for the future ministry in each individual’s own context.


3.    Foci of Actions

a)  We welcome all youth and young adult in our ministerial context who are racially and culturally diverse.

b)  We are inclusive of all individuals in the YAYA age group, including students, young professionals, etc.

c)  We support and help young people who came to Canada with dreams to prepare for the life in the future world.

d)  We help these people learn about Canadian culture and people who have its unique perspectives and ways of life.

e)  We help bridging these people to have connection with the mainstream people and their culture.

 f)  We help these people develop and learn to plan and manage small group gatherings.

g)  We help these people develop skills to build trusting relationships through small/large group interactions.

h)  We support these people to sustain the trusting relationship through global network systems.

i)   Thursday evening gathering is the main event that consists of many small group programs followed by a service that

      includes the sharing of questions and new issues that arise in the small group gatherings.

 j)  Thursday gathering includes: Bible Study, Cultural Presentation and Sharing, Practice musicals or skits, Gathering with the

     different topics in different groups, Intercultural Sing-A-Long (with a band if possible), Talent Shows, Potluck suppers; and      Worship with Gospel music and liturgical dance, Witnessing to God’s grace, Healing prayer service, Guest speakers on how      to become future leaders of the world.




1.   Supporting and Advisory Group for the Future Global Network

     a)    Forming the supporting group from various areas and professions to support and advice the YAYA ministry and/or           building the networks of various issues from local to global.

b)   Develop educational and training curriculum/program of each group.

c)   Strategize for the future events and development.

Note: This group will be formed when the time is coming with volunteers’ request.


2.   Study Group for Future Church and Ministry.

a)   Young people’s study group for future world and lifestyle

b)   Based on the study, project the church’s ministry and worship and its resource.

c)   Advanced Program students gathering of different disciplines.

d)   Prepare the future worship, bible study resource.

 Note: This group will be formed when the minimum fund is available.




1.  Electronic Communication, Website Creating and Resource Development Team

a)  Develop web application with its contents.

b)  Create websites with global and/or local net works for incorporating church’s mission and sharing ministry information      and resources.

c)  Global information and resource pool for culture and theology.

d)  Making connections and communications with churches in countries of young people through  internet, and assisting      them to find their homes after returning to their own countries or going to other parts of the world.


2.  Preparing Ministry for Future World and Its Study  

a)   Young people’s study group for future world and lifestyle

b)   Based on the study, create resources by projecting the future church’s ministry and worship.


3.  Web Ministry In Digital Community

a)   Create a website with global net work for incorporating church’s mission and sharing ministry resources.

b)   Global information pool for culture and theology.

c)   Making connections and communications with churches in countries of young people through internet, and assisting       them to find their homes after returning to their own countries or going to other parts of the world.



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