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"Neither is new wine put into old wineskins; otherwise, the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed; but new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.” (NRSV, Matthew 9:17)


It is an awesome honour and privilege to be nominated by the Nomination Committee as a candidate to serve on the General Council Executive of The United Church of Canada.  


We live in God’s world as peacemakers, from past to present, and on into the future. In this world of fast changes and uncertainties, we need to search for the unique gifts present in each one of us and in others and incorporate them into God’s mission. My scriptural inspiration comes from the apostle Paul’s vision of new wine in a new wineskin. This metaphoric vision teaches us many new fresh insights: that we should have flexibility based on trusting relationships. It shows us how the new ingredients of diversity in our faith community become God’s blessing. I believe that we are bound by our hope in Christ for the future, and only Christ can guide us as we move forward, putting new wine into new wineskins.  


I am currently in ministry with Dentonia Park United Church in East York, Toronto. My excitement is in sustaining energy and seeking a future vision relevant to a small congregation that represents the two thirds of the United Church. It is venturing into a new journey through recognizing and valuing the diverse gifts of each individual in leading the church to celebrate diversity. My vision in ministry is to celebrate life by valuing differences and find the beauty of God in different colours, cultures and traditions. Another vision in ministry is to say “Small Is Beautiful” while we strive to grow in faith. I believe that this is a positive means for "healing and reconciliation", and “living the faith of hope in Christ”.  


My vision for the future has been refined and affirmed through my past services for the wider church as chair of Don Valley Presbytery and president of Toronto Conference. Among others, these experiences have led me to discover the creating energy and great potential found in Toronto Conference. My involvement as a theological reflector in various committees and events on a General Council level and serving as a commissioner to the 37th and 38th General Councils have been opportunities for sharing in the future vision of The United Church of Canada.  


Toronto Conference is gifted with remarkable diversity, potential and people of faith. I am so proud that we can bring so many good things to the wider church for the wholistic and holistic growth of the church. Led by the life-giving Spirit, we can value these gifts in specific groups and communities  both rural and urban. These include First Nations communities, communities of various sexual orientations, children, youth and young adult groups, the haves and have-nots, the experienced and less experienced, and ethnic and mainstream people and cultures.  


I am grateful I have put my name in as a nominee to serve the General Council as a member of the Executive on behalf of Toronto Conference. It will be an opportunity to share the great potential and unique gifts that have been woven with rich diversity within the church and society by the great people of faith in Toronto Conference. It will be a witness to the good news of Christ which has been shared, actualised and nurtured through the Conference. And it will be an opportunity to contribute on behalf of Toronto Conference to the whole of the United Church by showing the future direction of the Church and God’s mission for the world.  


As we learn from each other and work for each other by recognizing and valuing the gifts in each one of us, and as we share them with the whole of our United Church on our journey into the future as our society experiences enormous change, we will know that “God is with us. We are not alone.” This indeed is God’s blessing that we affirm in our future journey together. Thanks be to God!



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