January 18, 2011


Happy New Year!


I hope you had a meaningful Advent season and a joyful Christmas celebration. Transformation is the expression I value in the messages I have heard from our friends, colleagues and partners during the year 2010 and am hopeful of a great new year 2011 through our continued work as a team. As we begin the new journey, I hope we dream big dreams. We know that when we dream together, it forms a vision and by sharing it, it can be actualized in our reality.


In the Executive meeting we has shared the hopes and dreams. Some has shared hope of having epiphanies of reshaping through how/what we do, not ending with knowledge but extending to understanding and awareness. Others shared that we break down barriers amongst us; find ways to bring life to the Church and become the ‘kingdom of God’ that raises one voice of God’s will for creation; be the community of ‘becoming’ that search for ways to live out our Vision Statement; embrace vision/mission that draws us together as body of Christ; aware of profound global shift and open to intercultural relationships; trust that there always is light at the end of the tunnel and continue to be enablers of the vision; and step out of the busy-ness of our work and live the vision; and move with all our energies to make our mission happen.


We had a wonderful journey of becoming during the last year. Some of us may have noticed significant transformative growth of individuals and the presbytery as a whole. If not now, I am positive that we all celebrate the harvest of many good fruits in our near future journey of “becoming.” This is becoming of ourselves as the church in, with and for the world. I appreciate the message of ubuntu theology that refers to our interconnectedness: “I am, because you are, and because we are.” This teaches us necessity of shifting our mission from sending/giving out into “being with” by inviting differences within our community. This will be an experience of becoming one through recognizing differences and valuing them as God given gifts. In this globalizing world, openness to the different culture is crucial and is not an option but a must.  


January presbytery meeting includes learning about issues of overseas particularly focusing on Korean situation by Erich Weingartner and about the ministry to reach out to be with pains in our neighbourhood community by Debra Dineen. I wish this will be an opportunity that we open ourselves to the world far and near and seeking ways to bring the vision of hope the world we live in. As we affirm that we live in God’s world with harmony of all sorts of differences, I hope we confirm our connectedness with the peoples in overseas as well as in Canada so that we realize one household of God.




John Lee

Chairperson,  Toronto Southeast Presbytery,

                  Toronto Conference, The United Church of Canada





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