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Rev. John Young-Jung Lee is a graduate of the University of Toronto and holds the theological degree, a Master of Divinity, through Emmanuel College in the Toronto School of Theology. He has continued his further study at the Toronto School of Theology in an advanced level of study in the area of Canadian contextual theology with his deep interst in global justice, theology of mission, ecological justice, and world religion. He later studied, as continuing education during his ministry, multicultural ministry and anti-racist ministry as well as conflict resolution and mediation.


John's first carrier is an architect and construction engineer, a graduate of Seoul National University majoring in architecture with B. Sc degree. This helps his ministry to think in sytemic and systematic way and to keep the work process in an organic order based on his training of construction process. His longtime service as a lay person helps him to sustain the lay perspective and engage himself in a self-critical evaluation of himself as a pastor. His past experience as a lay voluteer has helped him to be strong on ecumenical and interfaith dialogue as well as engaging in conversations with non-Christians. 


John's main life work after his ordination has been a pastor as a care giver. He has ministered with the folks at Dentonia Park United Church while serving as an on-call chaplain in several hospitals. It was special part of his life experience that he discovered the gifts in the people of different culture and empowered them by incorporating each person’s unique gifts. John believes that Jesus' ministry is building the community of justice and mercy. This is the concern in his ministry 'with' and 'to' people whether as a preacher, a counselor, a teacher, a comforter, a challenger, or a colleague.


John believes that people in ministry are bound by the journey that comes from future in Christ, and has confirmed it through his congregational ministry and many voluntary offices and positions at local, regional, and national levels of the United Church including the presidencies of Toronto Conference and the Korean Association of the United Church. Currently he has finished his term as chair of Toronto Don Valley presbytery and is the chair of the Committee for Racial Justice in the Toronto Conference of The United Church of Canada.


Inspired by the incarnation of God in Christ, to actualise the wholistic and holistic ministry, John believes that communications in technological, physical and spiritual dimension need to be developed to realise that we are one body in God's creation regardless of our cultural, traditional and religious roots. This is how love and justice become visible in our life journey with Christ. This life of love and harmony will enable the church be the gift as it is 'in', 'with', and 'for' the society.


John is married to Young Sook, is the father of Hannah who is studying at Emmanuel College. He is a lover of drama, art, music and enjoys deep pondering about the shape of coming future society and church, and occasional family walk with his new family member, Owari, a Shih Tzu dog. John is friendly and maintains good relationship with colleagues and friends. He looks forward to encountering dialogical partners and friends who will plan together for the future ministry of coming new era.



Curriculum Vitae

John's involvement in various areas of ministry. His self-critical evaluation will be prepared.

List of John's works and activities

John's faith and conviction on his commitments


John's Vision for the Future Church

New Wine in a New Wineskin:

  Hopeful vision on

  The Future of The United Church of Canada

  World is changing with drastic speed that can be describe in so called "hockey stic curve". It is alsomt impossible to imagine the change of people's lifestyle of ten years after. To bring the vision to the world, church must change its way of thinking, acting and working. 

  This is the content of the power point presentation prepared by John Lee.  Feed back or reflection is most welcome. 





Notes on a Small Group Discussion

Small Group Discussion: Assumptions and Norms

For a Healthy Ministry in A Church with Diversity:One of the factors we need to include in diagnosing reality - Postmodern thinking

Vision Statements at Special Occasions

38th General Council, The United Church of Canada

  The Rev. John Lee was nominated as a nominee for the Moderator of The United Church of Canada at the 38th General Council, August, 2003. Followings are auto-biographical vision statement, his statement on the issues facing the church and his speech before the election.

A Statement for the 38th GC: Issues Facing the Church

  Prepared by John Lee for the election of the Moderator at the 38th General Council Meeting, The United Church of Canada.


An Auto-Biographical Vision Statement 

   Prepared by John Lee for the election of the Moderator at the 38th General Council Meeting, The United Church of Canada.


John Lee's speech:

  Video Script;   Full Transcript

   Prepared by John Lee for the election of the Moderator at the 38th General Council Meeting, The United Church of Canada.


General Council Executive of the Toronto Conference

Autobiographical Vision Statement

Autobiographical Vision Statement March 31, 2006 for the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Totonto Conference of The United Church of Canada.


President of the Toronto Conference

  The Rev. John Lee has served as the president of the   Toronto Conference, The United Church of Canada.

Autobiographical Vision Statement

Autobiographical Vision Statement April 25, 2002, for the 78th Annual General Meeting of the Totonto Conference of The United Church of Canada


Called and Connected

The 77th Toronto Conference Annual General Meeting, June 9, 2002, Blue Mountain Resort Centre. We live in a fast changing world that is experiencing globalization, and we are also part of the globalization force..


Let's Build a Communication Web

Toronto Conference has remarkable gifts of diversity. When we recognize them as God's gifts and value them, we will experience...


An Invitation to Visit the Website

  President's message for the congregations of the   Toronto Conference, November 2002



The purpose of creating this website is to provide a space where we can actually talk to one another by sharing our stories and establish a ‘members of Toronto Conference’ network.


New Year's message 2003

Happy New Year! It is January 2003, and it is the beginning of a year in which we as a Church are filled with the Spirit of hope.


Called to Be Peace Makers 

Multi-cultural and Interfaith Service for Peace in Great Toronto Area on January 19th, 2003


You Are So Beautiful!

The past year was a time when I was loved, cared for and transformed through being with many faithful people.





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